1. You do not need to use this form to make your complaint but doing may help to ensure that you provide all the necessary information.
  2. If you need help to complete the form please telephone the Standards Commissioner’s office on 028 9052 1338. Please note that the Commissioner cannot advise you on whether you should make a complaint or on what you should say in it.
  3. Information in bold must be provided if your complaint is to be admissible. You do not have to provide the other information but it may speed up the processing of your complaint if you do.
  4. If you are complaining about more than one MLA, you must complete a separate form for each of them
  5. Please read Complaints Process before completing this form.
  6. Please send your completed form, together with your supporting documents, to the Standards Commissioner either by email or post at the address stated in Contact details.
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